Featured Works

Music Cryptography BASIC (Ruby)

Type in a word and receive a musical melody with audio playback. The app also lets you play your computer keyboard like a piano.

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Capstone: Songwriter's Key (Rails)

A Rails application that converts words into melodies. Built to inspire musicians and help them to organize riffs, songs, and albums.

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Music Cryptography Portfolio

Ezra is a published author of two books on esoteric music cryptography. This is his art portfolio.

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Javascript Framework Application Repos

Ezra has experience working with ReactJs, AngularJS, and Ember. Of the three, his favorite is React due to the well organized content structure and quick loading virtual DOM.

1) ReSearcher is a React-Redux application designed to help individuals organize their research materials. Registered users can create new project categories, each of which can hold many posts. These posts consist of text and embedded multimedia content (video and images). The application highlights Ezra's ability to create working routes and host content on Firebase, with all the core functionality of creating, reading, updating and destroying content.

2) Action and Connection is an Angular application that connects people with opportunities for local community activism. Ezra built this app with three students from the design track. He was solely responsible for building out the back end. The application features user authentication for administrators and regular users, with Firebase data and API integration. Administrators have their own backend UI, where they can draft and post new content for public users.

3) Tap Room is an AngularJS application that allows a store owner to monitor their inventory. This project features a search filter (pipes), functions that modify front end components (pour pints of beer, show quantity remaining), conditionals that effect css styling (text becomes red when product is running low), and input forms to create and display new products.

Ruby on Rails Repos

Ezra has written over a dozen applications in Ruby and Rails. Here are a few of his more creative projects. You can view the complete collection on Github.

1) Songwriter's Key is a Ruby on Rails application that demonstrates melodic cryptography techniques. Ezra has a background in music composition. This organizational tool helps songwriters to keep track of their encrypted melodic ideas, with user authentication and Postgres database relationships established between melodies, songs, and full albums.

What is the musical cryptogram? In this application, it is a substitution hash that converts alphabet letters into musical notes with a one-to-one correspondence, so that words can be hidden within melodies.

The Songwriter's Key automates this translation and displays the notes in color-coded, clickable divs with audio playback. Furthermore, they allow users to attach an image, audio file, sheet music, and written notes to keep track of associated ideas and imagery.

2) Music Cryptography BASIC is a stripped down Ruby application that showcases the core features of Songwriter's Key. This includes automated encryption of words into melodies(hash substitution) and musical typing. The melodies and keyboard are displayed as color-coded divs with playback available at the push of a button. A must see!

3) Music Theory Logic stands alone among this portfolio as it consists entirely of backend logic. Ezra drew from his knowledge of music theory to create algorithms that map all the fundamental scales, modes, chords, and arpeggios of the Western system. This is achieved by running Nth-element each loops on a two-octave chromatic array of notes, push a target collections of notes into their corresponding, pre-named arrays.